With recent reports from Gartner showing Ericsson-LG posting strong growth at a global level, with a nearly 10% increase, and UK reports showing even stronger growth with a real surge in UK market share, what is helping this disruptive vendor keep growing?

  1. Great products matter- Ericsson and LG remain global powerhouses of innovation, R&D and high quality manufacturing. The Ericsson-LG joint venture leverages the very best talents and capabilities of these two world leading organisations. The product range across unified communications, cloud, mobility and collaboration keeps delivering more to our users and creates great advocates for our technology across SME, mid market and enterprise with users from 2 to 10,000.
  2. Integrated Cloud- iPECS Cloud is based on the same feature set and underlying technology as the on-premise iPECS products. This means we can help our customers evolve to the cloud when and if it is right for them, and they can be assured of the feature set they already know and trust. All our handsets are compatible across both cloud and on-premise platforms meaning they can move from one to the other with a simple change of IP address. This also means that we can offer true resilience by using our on-premise call servers as local backup whilst ensuring our users can still access existing PSTN trunks if their cloud connectivity fails. With public cloud, private cloud or on-premise, Ericsson-LG offer a truly integrated approach.
  3. Manufacturing matters- As one of the only communications vendors in the market that still owns and operates its own manufacturing Ericsson-LG are able to deliver great products at a competitive price. This means businesses can afford to adopt the latest technology and innovation whilst getting a rapid return on their investment. Ericsson-LG consistently offer more features at a better price point than the competition making them the natural choice for high growth and innovative businesses seeking value and performance.
  4. Absolute focus on our channel- We show total commitment to our channel with a channel only business model. Investing in our channel partners means we can keep helping them increase their skillset and focus on Ericsson-LG technology. As well as having a more motivated and efficient channel this translates directly into happy end users. With better sales people and better technical teams our customers get better solutions that really impact their businesses.

If you would like to learn more about Ericsson-LG technology as a user or channel partner please contact the team at Pragma www.wearePragma.co.uk or @wearepragma