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38 Clever Pun Halloween Costumes for Those Who Love a Play on Words

These last-minute costume ideas are as funny as they are easy to pull off.

By Corinne Sullivan and Elizabeth Berry
punny halloween costumes  pumpkin pi
Kathryn Wirsing for Good Housekeeping

Are you looking for an easy last-minute Halloween costume to creep it real on October 31? Well, look no further than a punny costume that requires minimal prep time and accessories, but will still give 'em pumpkin to talk about at your annual costume party. Any one of these punny Halloween costumes will be easy on your wallet without compromising on the creativity of your outfit. Plus, you can turn some of these costume ideas into a spooky couples' costume or a group costume with your BFFs if you and your partner or squad have the same sense of humor — that is, you love a good pun.

It's easy to draw a blank on what to dress up as on Halloween and fall back on tried and true classics like a wicked witch costume or a scary Halloween costume that is just plain ghoulish. And while these ideas never fail to disappoint, clever Halloween costumes are hardly ever basic. Instead, they take a (somewhat cringe) play on words and spin it into a hilarious ensemble that you can whip together in mere minutes. No one will know you spent minimal time making your DIY Halloween costume — they'll be too busy cackling like a witch at how witty you are.

Ready to look totally gourd-geous? Check out our picks for the best pun Halloween costumes!


French Toast

punny halloween costumes  french toast
Kathryn Wirsing

To become "French toast," you just need to round up a black beret, a striped tee, a red scarf, and a piece of "toast" crafted from cardboard. Then, simply punch two holes in the top of the bread and tie string to them to wear around your neck.

Shop Black Beret


Prince Charming

punny halloween costumes  prince charming
The Thinking Closet

Lay on all the (lucky) charm with this royal Halloween costume that combines a classic prince costume with your favorite childhood cereal.

Get the Prince Charming Punny Halloween Costume tutorial at The Thinking Closet.

Shop Crown


Ceiling Fan

punny halloween costumes ceiling fan
Gallery Stock

Give us a "C," give us an "E," give us an "I," give us an "L," give us an "I," give us an "N," give us a "G!" What do you get? This spirited ceiling fan!

Shop Cheerleader Pom Poms

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'Fifty Shades of Grey'

punny halloween costumes fifty shades of gray
Kathryn Wirsing for Good Housekeeping

Got a bunch of gray paint swatches? Got a plain T-shirt? Then it looks like you've got yourself a punny costume!

Shop Black T-shirt


Head in the Clouds

punny halloween costumes head in the clouds

You only need three things to DIY this idiom into a Halloween costume — and you probably already have at least one item (a.k.a the headband) on hand. From there, your flights of fancy can come to fruition.

Get the Head in the Clouds DIY Costume tutorial at Aww Sam.

Shop Polyester Fiberfill


When Life Gives You Lemons

punny halloween costumes when life gives you lemons
Kathryn Wirsing

Use adhesive letters or a black Sharpie to write "LIFE" on a white T-shirt, then carry around a bag of lemons to hand out. Easy as (lemon cream) pie!

Shop Iron-on Letters

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Taco Belle

punny halloween costumes taco belle
Rodin Eckenroth//Getty Images

If you're dressing up with a friend or partner, then you can take on this clever "Taco Belle" costume, which combines a taco with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Alternatively, you can simply dress up as Belle and carry around a taco for the night.

Shop Taco Costume

Shop Yellow Dress

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Black Eyed Peas

punny halloween costumes black eyed peas
The Thinking Closet

Whether you are a Black Eyed Peas fan or just a fan of puns, this last-minute funny costume will get lots of nods on Halloween night. Let's just say, we gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night.

Get the Black-Eyed-Peas Punny Halloween Costume tutorial at The Thinking Closet.

Shop Black Eyeshadow


Deviled Egg

punny halloween costumes deviled egg
Kathryn Wirsing

To become a "deviled egg," you just need to dress in all white and attach a yellow circle of felt to your stomach. Don't forget your devil horns and tail!

Shop Devil Accessories

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Mornings Suck

punny halloween costumes  mornings suck
Michael Kovac//Getty Images

Not a morning person? Then this costume was made for you. All you need to do is dress up in a robe and slippers, carry around a mug and newspaper, and add some vampire fangs and fake blood to complete the look.

Shop Vampire Fangs


Hawaiian Punch

punny halloween costumes hawaiian punch
Kathryn Wirsing for Good Housekeeping

This easy costume was made for lazy folks, as you only need a Hawaiian shirt and boxing gloves to put it together.

Shop Boxing Gloves


Raining Men

punny halloween costumes raining men
Studio DIY/Kelly

Looks like the weather forecast is predicting a 100% chance of raining men on Halloween night. You might want to plan accordingly.

Get the DIY Raining Men Costume tutorial at Studio DIY.

Shop Umbrella

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'Grapes of Wrath'

punny halloween costumes grapes of wrath
Kathryn Wirsing

Book lovers, this is the costume for you. Spell out "By John Steinbeck" on a purple t-shirt with white adhesive letters, then safety pin purple balloons onto the shirt. Create a vine crown by hot-gluing faux vines together to complete your look.

Shop Fake Vine Foliage

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Pumpkin Pi

punny halloween costumes pumpkin pi
Kathryn Wirsing for Good Housekeeping

For a look that's sweet as pie, attach a mini pumpkin to a headband using a hot glue gun. Then, print out the Greek letter "Pi" or cut one out of felt and glue it onto an orange t-shirt.

Shop Mini Pumpkins


French Kiss

punny halloween costumes french kiss
Good Housekeeping

Not everyone is a fan of KISS, but most are fans of a French baguette. Regardless, this witty costume will crack some smiles even if "Rock and Roll All Nite" is skipped on the Spotify queue.

Shop Face Paint

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Formal Apology

punny halloween costumes formal apology
Kathryn Wirsing for Good Housekeeping

Have an old formal dress lying around? Use sharpie and a plain white sash to become a "formal apology."

Shop White Sash


Ice Ice Baby

punny halloween costumes  ice ice baby
The Thinking Closet

You and the family can dress up as Vanilla Ice's iconic '90s song "Ice Ice Baby" by turning large clear trash bags into bags of ice and equipping your little one with all the right accessories.

Get the Ice Ice Baby Punny Halloween Costume tutorial at The Thinking Closet.

Shop White Matte Vinyl

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Freudian Slip

punny halloween costumes freudian slip
Kathryn Wirsing

Psych out everyone at the party by wearing a slip dress and attaching well-know terms coined by Sigmund Freud.

Shop Slip Dress

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punny halloween costumes zom beyonce
Gregg DeGuire//Getty Images

Become an undead version of the "Single Ladies" singer with a black leotard, black heels, gold jewelry, and some zombie makeup.

Shop Black Leotard

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Tickled Pink

punny halloween costumes  tickled pink
Kathryn Wirsing

Grab a pink t-shirt, feather boa, and pom-pom headband, then make sure to keep giggling all night long.

Shop Pom-Pom Headband

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