Skill Level: Beginner


  1. Fabric dyes: black, purple, blue
  2. Mixing buckets
  3. 6 packages of cheesecloth(about 12 yards)
  4. Scissors
  5. Purchased long black witch’s costume
  6. Pins
  7. Hot-glue gun
  8. Witch hat


  1. Mix dyes according to package directions; dye 2 packages of cheese cloth with each color. Let dry.
  2. Cut 36 x 6-inch strip of any color; reserve for belt. Cut remaining cheese-cloth into random large shapes; slash into edges and pull threads for shredded effect. Dress in costume. Drape cheesecloth over shoulders, varying layers and colors; pin in place.
  3. Remove costume and glue cheesecloth in place so it floats from shoulders. Glue additional strips of cheesecloth to hat.
  4. Dress in costume again with hat; tie belt around hip.