One thing that never, ever, ever, ever goes out of style? An A+ pair of sweatpants that are so freeing, so soft, so comfortable that you wake up in the a.m. already counting down the seconds until you can slip them on post-work. Bonus points if they're equal parts flattering and loose so you can wear them to catch z's in bed or make a quick run to the market.

I mean, is that a dream or is that a...reality. Oh yes, these sweats are very much real and very much worth every single penny — at least according to the nearly 2,000 raving Amazon reviewers who cannot stop obsessing over the supreme softness, lightweight fabric, flowy fit, and primo price of less than $15. I repeat: less than $15.

CYZ Women's Basic Stretch Cotton Knit Pajama Sleep Lounge Pants

Women's Basic Stretch Cotton Knit Pajama Sleep Lounge Pants

CYZ Women's Basic Stretch Cotton Knit Pajama Sleep Lounge Pants

$18 at Amazon

These CYZ Women's Casual Stretch Cotton Pajamas Pants are nearly 100 percent — 95% to be exact — cotton, making them 5-star soft. Seriously, they have more than 1,200 5-star reviews, almost all of which mention the magical fabric that, per one happy customer, is just like "a jersey sheet material...a bit more durable but just as soft!"

Available in lots of colors and patterns, from your basic black to butterfly print, these lounge pants boast an elastic waistband with drawstrings that ensure a perfect fit for any shape and size without uncomfortably cutting into your hips. And unlike your old college sweats which are likely ratty, torn, and spotted with confusing stains (hey, just the truth!), these simple pants are totally socially acceptable and, bonus, flattering in case a friend surprisingly swings by on a lazy Saturday.

Now, a word, err, many words from the fans:

"They are not thick so I don’t get hot in bed at night with my heater of a hubby next to me, but they are substantial enough that if I had to run to the store in the night I wouldn’t think people would say 'that weird lady went out in her pajamas,'" one pleased purchaser wrote.

Another said, "At this price, my standards were low, but I am ordering another pair because they are so perfect. If you're looking for a comfy pant that looks somewhat nice, these are the ones to go with. BUY THEM NOW!"

...don't have to tell me twice. Buh-bye, savagely-ripped Bucknell U sweats, sounds like I won't miss you.

From: Women's Health US
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