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Let’s address the elephant in the room. If you know anything about superstitions, you know 666 is often considered an unlucky number. In fact, people tote it as the opposite, often referring to it as the "Devil’s number" or the "number of the beast" from the Bible’s Book of Revelations. It’s said to be a bad omen that attracts negativity; a number of people try to avoid. But what if we told you 666 is actually an angel number? A sign from the beings above — not below?

Or at least that’s what our expert sources say. The number 666 is an angel number, just like 222, 555, and many other numerical combinations that signal a message from the spirit realm. Their messages cover everything from love and career to health and finance. The numbers will continue to present themselves until their message is heard, so we’re here to help interpret.

Before we dive into decoding, we need to first address some outstanding questions — what is an angel number? How are they different from regular numbers? And how do we know they aren’t just random occurrences?

We have those answers and more as we take an in-depth look at the angel number 666.

666 Angel Number Meaning

As mentioned above, angel numbers are messages from the universe that are meant to help guide you on your life’s journey. These sequential numbers elevate from digits to messages once they are witnessed naturally on at least three separate occasions in a close period of time. Numbers can present themselves on a license plate of a passing car, clock, vehicle’s speedometer, etc. You just have to keep an eye out.

The sequential numbers are meant to grab your attention, especially 666 because of its infamous affiliations. The numbers will keep presenting themselves until their message is heard. Though, professional astrologer, writer, and host of the "Birth Chart Pls" podcast, Lauren Ash, says, “it’s important to remember that angel numbers can only show you the options available to you. They can’t take away your free will or make decisions for you. Think of them more as guides than absolutes.”

As for the number 6, Ash says, “it’s all about empathy, healing, support, and self-care.” Repetition of the number 6 indicates a shift in your healing journey. Perhaps, you’ve reached a milestone or your life path will soon become challenging. The number 666 only magnifies those messages, marking a big change and dramatic shift that will ultimately move you forward toward something that is better aligned with your passions and values.

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To understand more about the meaning of 666, we must dig into its muddy past. In both modern and ancient times, 666 has been linked to the Devil through the Book of Revelations, the last book of the Bible’s New Testament that describes mankind's apocalyptic end. “Angel whisperer,” spiritual coach, and owner of the Spiritual Discovery Center in Southern California, Linda Berry, says, “even though this number has been associated with negative energy, it is actually a very positive number that brings an inspirational vibration.”

Six is a primary number that represents responsible, serviceable energy. “It’s the most generous, understanding, and compassionate of all the numbers,” Berry notes. The purpose of the number 6 is to balance good and bad to create harmony.

Life path

A person’s life path represents their very core and mission in life. It spans from wants and desires to ego and ambitions. A life path number can be found by adding up each individual number of your birthdate until you get one single digit between 1-9.

For example, if you were born on 11/05/1973, you would add 1+1+0+5+1+9+7+3=27. Then, you would add 2+7, and your life path number would be 9.

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Someone with a life path number of 6 will feel strong calls for balance, harmony, and refocusing. This number challenges people to release whatever is holding them back from peace, whether it be bad habits, lack of boundaries, self-doubt, etc. Berry says, people with the life path number of 6 must reprioritize “to achieve self-love and compassion in order to motivate positive acts for the soul.” People with this life path number may see sequences of 6 in their daily life more than others.


The spiritual meaning of 666 emphasizes caution. It’s a warning sign from the universe that you are trying to juggle too many things at once. You need to step back, take a breath, and reprioritize. “You’re burning the candle at both ends and running your life at an unsustainable pace," Ash says. The number 666 asks you to reconsider which habits are positively impacting your life and which are preventing you from inner harmony. What doesn't aid you in your journey needs to go.

This could be a lack of rest, and your spirit guides could be pushing you to relax and recharge your soul. It could be a disconnection from self if you’ve been ignoring your intuition and taking outside voices as truth, and they are saying you need to recenter and trust in your decisions. Or it could also be a lack of self-care if you are placing your needs on the back burner while trying to care for others. Then, it's time to reflect and adjust accordingly.


Like the other instances of 666, its occurrence in love represents a need to refocus. You may feel lost, like your needs aren’t being met in your relationship or romantic life. You could feel unbalanced, as though you are giving more to a relationship or individual than they are giving in return. Consequently, you may feel burnt out, underappreciated, or unsatisfied in love.

The best thing you can do is step back and focus on yourself. This may require an honest conversation with your partner, where you express your feelings and ask for what you’ve been missing. Or it may require a break, until you figure out what it is that you need in order to feel fulfilled in your relationship. Either way, it’s best that you step back and take time to think.

Money and Career

When 666 appears in the context of finances and career, a change must be made. Ash says, “whether you’re looking to tackle a new challenge at work, or you’re thinking of switching careers — the Universe is giving you the sign to start exploring your options.” Six is the most generous of all numbers. With hard work and perseverance, those seeing 6’s will have a rewarding pay-off in their financial and career goals.

Once transformation is made — starting a new job, tackling a new project, creating a new work routine — you will find balance and harmony. Reach out to those around you for help in this change. Set up a meeting to ask for a promotion or letter of recommendation. Communicating with those around you will only benefit your finances and career.


Your health is no joke, and that’s what the number 666 is trying to tell you. You need to reassess the bad habits and vices that are praying on your health and wellness. This could be smoking, lack of sleep, caffeine, etc. As hard as it may be, the universe is sending you a cautionary message: you must let go of bad habits! Whether you realize it or not, they are taking a toll on your health and inhibiting the connection between your mind, body, and soul.

Create a plan of action to cut out these self-sabotaging actions, and stick to it. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Refocusing on your health will reinstate balance and harmony between the physical, mental, and spiritual self, making you both look and feel better.

Bottom Line: If you keep seeing 666, sit down and rethink. Berry says, “the Universe is communicating through this number to bring sanctuary from chaos.” You need to implement changes, set boundaries, and focus on yourself. This will bring balance and harmony. Though it may seem overwhelming, Ash says, “remember, not all endings are sad! Ridding yourself of the extra baggage holding you down will free you up to try something new.”

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