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Introducing ENGAGE, our website widget offering one-click voice calls, video calls and automated, AI-powered webchat.

What is ENGAGE?

Available as an enhancement for CONNECT for iPECS Cloud, ENGAGE is a way of providing better service through a website – and in the process, making more sales. It’s a smart, simple widget that sits on your customer’s site, offering visitors one-click voice calls, video calls and AI-powered web chat.

For website visitors, it’s a way of keeping them engaged and making contact as simple as possible. All of this comes through to your customer via CONNECT for iPECS Cloud.

Features of ENGAGE

AI webchat

ENGAGE reads your customer’s website content, then uses ChatGPT integration to form accurate, natural responses to visitor queries. If the information is anywhere on the site, ENGAGE will answer automatically. Because it’s automated, this works 24/7 – so your customers can answer queries as they sleep!


AI is great and saves a lot of time, but sometimes the human touch is called for. With ENGAGE, any agent can view the webchat session in real time, and take control at any point. That way, if the information needed to answer the query isn’t on the site, it’s easy to jump in and help the customer as needed.

Voice call

Site visitors can initiate a voice call at the click of a mouse. Better still, it’s completely free for the caller and all runs through their browser. These can be configured to go to individuals or hunt groups. Whether it’s technical support or a new sale, this makes it exceptionally easy for them to get through to who they need.

Video call

What if your customer wants face-to-face contact? You can also enable video calls from ENGAGE. These work just like voice calls – one click, and they can be added to any call queue of your customer’s choosing. This is great for those times where video adds value, whether it’s illustrating a point or putting a face to a name.

How does ENGAGE work?

ENGAGE appears as a simple website widget, delivered either as a WordPress plugin or as a line of code to paste onto the site. Users can customise ENGAGE’s appearance to their brand colours, and set its location to any area of each page.

ENGAGE is available to users of CONNECT for iPECS Cloud. When any contact comes through, it will appear on the user’s CONNECT interface.

Screenshot of ENGAGE for iPECS Cloud

How does ENGAGE benefit your customers?

  • Improve the sales process

    Every visitor to a website is a potential customer. But they don’t necessarily want the commitment of dialling a number or navigating to a particular page. ENGAGE makes the customer journey so much easier, by allowing them to do all this in one click from any page.
  • Improved service

    By making the customer journey easier, you’re not just making sales more likely. You’re also improving service. Thanks to the AI chat, ENGAGE will answer routine questions automatically without making anyone wait in a queue. And if they do want to talk to a person, it just takes a click.

  • Boost productivity

    Above all, ENGAGE achieves all this as well as saving time for your customers. Thanks to AI, they can provide accurate answers to all kinds of questions automatically. This frees up all the time and resources they would have spent on answering manually.

Engage Accountants

Part of CONNECT for iPECS Cloud

ENGAGE is an enhancement of CONNECT for iPECS Cloud, to take your customer service to new heights. CONNECT brings communications and your other core cloud services into one place, to streamline work and make you more productive.

Find out about connect here

Get in touch with us to learn more about ENGAGE and how it can create new revenue streams for you.

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