It's been an emotional roller coaster for Wynonna Judd, but it's one that dear friend and Today show host Hoda Kotb is riding with her.

On October 24, the country singer arrived at Studio 1A to chat about her upcoming tour, which comes just six months after her late mother Naomi Judd's death. Starting off on a heartrending note, Wynonna told Hoda she's writing a song called "Broken and Blessed." She looked up to avoid tears, saying: "I wasn't going to cry, but I love you and have known you for so long. I'm somewhere between hell and hallelujah."

It's the first vulnerable moment of many shared among the friends of several years. At one point in the interview, Hoda's voice trembled, seemingly close to breaking down. "Pain comes in waves," the NBC co-anchor added. "Whenever I've suffered a loss, it comes like a tidal wave, and sometimes it's calm and you almost forget."

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Stirred by the two's connection, Today show fans shared messages of support and admiration in the YouTube clip's comment section.

"She has the best friendships with lots of people. I love her ❤️," one person wrote. "We love you Wynonna. Sending you a big healing hug," another added. "Her vulnerability is on display [and] that is tough for people who have always had to be tough. I love her [and] Ashley so much. So glad they are using their platform to highlight the importance of mental health ..." a different person said.

Both continued on to bond over children. The "No One Else On Earth" singer revealed that her 6-month-old granddaughter has been her rock through it all, while also remembering Hoda's daughter. "[My granddaughter] gives me hope," Wynonna said. "Your daughter's name is Hope ... [Kids] give you something to think about other than yourself."

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It seems like a sentiment the two have in common. Last year, Hoda also shared the touching moment she met her adopted daughter, Haley Joy. “I don’t even remember who was carrying her because all I could see was her,” she told the People’s Me Becoming Mom podcast.

“They put her in my arm … she fit like she was born there," she shared with the outlet. "I looked down and these eyes were looking at me and I thought to myself, ‘Forever, for as long as I am breathing, you will be protected and loved and cared for.’”

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