A class leading clinical solution that delivers increased efficiency to the healthcare sector.

Call Connect GP has been designed from the ground up to integrate with all major clinical system including EMIS and SystmONE. Call Connect GP is designed to deliver improved operational effeciency to doctors surgeries and other functions within the healthcare sector.

  • Save time on phone calls
  • Capture new numbers
  • Improve success of existing SMS solutions
  • Reduce outbound tasks
  • Maximise clinical outcomes & QoF/ES income

The NHS England 2018 survey of 750,000 patients found 30% said it was not easy to get through on the phone… and that was before global pandemic!

Communications was the top reason for written complaints to GP practices.

As quoted on NHS Survey 2018

It’s not all negative, Telephone Contacts presents an opportunity to engage with patients to…

GP Receptionist Benefits

Features Overview

Benefits Features
Reduce call handling time Screen Pop of clinical system triggered by known numbers calling
Easy handling of multiple matched numbers and other patients at the same address
Semi Automated New Number Capture
Practice wide Address Book Mini Contact CRM
Click to dial from Patient Record or anywhere on screen
Decrease admin time Scratchpad for patient notes
Basic task workflow support (click to dial and patient record “screen pop”)
Bulk outbound task management with inbound call tagging
Improve patient communication and maximise income Optional Audit trail for new number capture
Basic call history
Support for multiple clinical systems / hubs / call centre
Alert activity report for Practice Managers
Simple to deploy and maintain Presales liaison with CCG / CSU IT re: permissions / approvals
Remote Fast track install and training
Project management
On-site visit (training and / or user PC install)
Basic remote support for faults and API use
Client PC reinstallations
Server PC reinstallations (non-maintenance reasons)
On-going training
Software feature upgrades

Connect to iPECS Cloud or UCP

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