• Denise Austin reveals how she tones her legs and glutes in her latest workout video.
  • She shares squat variations perfect for women “over 50.”
  • Austin demonstrates how to perform the leg lift squat, the side squat, and the plie squat.

At 65, Denise Austin wants us all to know that age is just a number, especially when it comes to exercise. From menopause tips to revealing her secrets to super-toned abs, the fitness icon is always sharing her secrets to looking and feeling her best. And now, she’s showing women over 50 the importance of getting a good squat workout in with “#FitOver50,” a hashtag she’s using on social media to show followers how to enjoy exercise as they age.

In the fitness star’s most recent Instagram video, she appears on her yoga mat and explains that she’ll be demonstrating how to “lift and tighten your booty” with three variations of the classic squat. Austin gives some amazing pointers, and it’s clear that whatever she’s doing is working. Take her strut down the Miami Swim week Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway last month as case and point. After her catwalk, she explained that it’s her “mission in life” to make other women feel good about themselves, and emphasized how passionate she is about helping women over 50 reach their fitness goals.

“Squats are one of the BEST exercises you can do!! The more muscle you have, the more fat your body burns…,” Austin explains in the caption. “And squats target two of the largest muscles in your body (quads and booty)... Give these different variations a try!! And as you master one move on to the next, you can do it!! #FitOver50”

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We’re breaking down how to do all of the booty-burning exercises she shares, so you too can be a part of the #fitover50 journey.

Squat plus leg lift

Austin says this squat variation is a “great way to reshape that bottom half.” She begins the movement with her arms outstretched in front of her while bending at the knees and performing a classic squat. Then, as she straightens her body to stand up (where the movement would normally finish), she kicks one leg behind her, gently swinging her arms backward. “Squeeze your buttocks,” Austin instructs. “Look great from behind!”

Side squat

For the side squat, Austin explains that you’ll want to “move to the side and out,” which will “work those legs,” and “tone your booty.” She begins the movement with her hands on her hips, stepping her left leg out to the left side of her mat. Then, she brings her right leg over to meet the left, repeating the movement from left to right.

Plie squat

The third movement “works your inner and outer thighs,” Austin explains. It looks similar to a standard squat—but with some key differences. She begins in a wider leg stance with her toes pointed outward and her hands on her hips before lowering down into a squat. “If you’re over 50 and you have knee issues, just go halfway,” Austin explains. “It works, too.” As she continues the movement, Austin points to the camera and reminds us to “squeeze that buttocks—if you don’t squeeze it no one else will!”

We love that Austin continues to inspire women to become their best selves, week after week. Whether it’s another strut down the runway or a new workout video, we’re excited to see what’s next for the fitness star.

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