Meet Helen, our Business Development Director!


Current job: Business Development Director

First job: I worked as an administrator in the Orthopaedic Outpatients Dept at Southampton General Hospital

Favourite job (can’t be current job): Oooh! Sales Manager at Crane Telecom

Favourite qualities in a person: I’m a sucker for good sense of humour, honesty and being supportive!

Your main fault: So many, where do I start?! I guess the one that annoys me as much as anyone else is that I’m a control freak!

What do you appreciate in your friends most: good sense of humour, honesty and them being supportive!

Your idea of happiness: A sunny day, a long walk with my dogs and a pub lunch with a cold glass of Provence Rose.

Where would you like to live: I’d love to be more rural with a lovely view and lots of lovely walks from my door, or on the coast to be able to enjoy the beach more!

What is your favourite pastime: I love training my dogs and have competed in dog agility for 8 years, but now they are a little older I’ve taken up a new sport called Canine Hoopers which I’m loving! The satisfaction I get from my dogs learning something new never diminishes!

Favourite book: I can’t believe I’m going to admit this but… Harry Potter!

Favourite band / musician / song: Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder

Favourite fictional hero or heroine: James Bond

Best piece of advice: Plan for your future but don’t get so focused on your plan that you miss an opportunity that might take you in a different direction but could be more rewarding!

Best job decision: Leaving Mitel to join Pragma!


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