Meet Andre, Technical Director at one of our biggest partners – 5G Group!


Current job: Director at 5G Group

First job: Farm worker milking cows

Favourite job (can’t be current job): Lifeguard (surf and watch girls on the beach all day and get paid for it)

Favourite qualities in a person: Honesty and Respect

Your main fault: I talk too much

What do you appreciate in your friends most: That they’re for me always – doesn’t matter the time of day!

Your idea of happiness: If everyone in the world is happy!

If not yourself, who would you rather be: A world champion F1 driver. Fast cars, hot girls, travel the world. What’s not to love?!

Where would you like to live: Anywhere that has a beach bar open at the moment.

What is your favourite pastime: When I lived in Miami!

Favourite fictional hero/heroine: James Bond

Favourite author and book: Facebook

Favourite band / musician / song: Prime Circle –She always gets what she wants

Best piece of advice: Only regret the things you haven’t done and try everything twice.

Worst business decision: Started a Hosted VoIP platform in 2006. (UK Broadband connectivity wasn’t ready)

Best business decision: Started a Hosted VoIP platform in 2006, got us into sellingonsite IP PBX systems.

Any regrets: I wish I went on holiday before the lockdowns!

If you could give one piece of advice to your 16-year old self, what would it be: Life gets better with age.

Team followed (football, rugby or whatever): South Africa Springbok Rugby, Ferrari F1


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