Written by Will Morey

An impact of the pandemic and working from home is the speed at which we have to transition between roles and meetings.

The switch can be a simple one, from a pitch meeting to a supplier meeting – an internal personal development review meeting to a contract review. These switches can work, but they require a bit of a gear change and mind shift. However, we are still in work mode.

One of the tougher switches is transitioning from a Managing Director to a Dad. A sales leader to a husband. An Operations Director to a mother – making the switch from taking a customer through a complex process to taking the dog for a walk.

Suddenly the speed we are making these transitions has gone from half an hour+ to the time it takes to travel from one room to another.

We used to have car journeys to make these transitions – now we have the short walk between our home office and the kitchen.

It’s tough.

It’s imperative to put the time in your diary for the transitions and, of course, for preparation. All too often, at the moment, we are doing more meetings but often being less productive.

Make sure your technology can seamlessly support all your roles and the rapid transition between them. iPECS Cloud from Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides the tools to make your working day work for you regardless of where you are or what role needs your attention.

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