At Pragma, partnership is everything, and we value the trusting and solid relationships we build with our partners.  Recently, we sat down with Martin Dunn, Managing Director of Mtech to discuss everything from choosing to work with Pragma to his favourite handset. Here’s what he had to say.

What made you choose Pragma and iPECS as the right partnership for Mtech?

When I first met Pragma, I liked the support element they showed. We were a young company, not even a year old when we first met, and to find a partner that was willing to work with us was quite challenging because we were so new.

When you first start out there are lots of challenges, like finding a credit facility and so on. Pragma not only welcomed us in, but they understood that we were going to be growing and growing fast. They understood that they were going to be taking a risk and I could see that Pragma bought into us and were there to support Mtech on our journey and not just supply a product.

Like with anything, you ask yourself can I imagine working with these people/ this company for a long period of time. I felt 100% comfortable and could see us working together for a long time.

How have Pragma measured up to your expectations?

Pragma showed their worth from the beginning, firstly in wanting to work with us and understanding that there was an element of a gamble working with a young company hitting big numbers. Secondly, Pragma measured up during covid, we had no revenues and went from installing £350k a month to £16k. This had a massive impact and Pragma really showed an amazing level of support and helped us get through that time.

More recently, support has come in again. Matt Hillman is massively involved with our team and is like an extended member of our team who we rely on and look forward to working with.

I like how Pragma are continually striving to add more which is not the case for all suppliers.  Pragma understand that if we’re successful, so are they.

How do Pragma compare to the support that you’ve experienced from other suppliers?

We have partners that have minimal engagement with us, it’s solely transactional. I’m happy with this, if this is how some partners work, that’s fine with us.

But we also have two or three that we work closely with, not just in telecoms but vehicles and so on. These partners go above and beyond, and because of the history of what we’ve gone through with Pragma, they’re definitely our number one supplier, as they’re continually looking at ways to help us.

What is the biggest difference that Pragma makes as a partner?

The difference that we’ve noticed is when we started to expand our training journey. I will put my hands up and say that a year ago our teams technical and product knowledge wasn’t as good as it could be.

We realised we were focusing much more on the winning of sales and commissions and spent less time on how we get to this point. When you sell a product, it’s important to have the technical knowledge, particularly in such a product led world.

What Pragma have done for us is bring the passion and information for the product which we are selling. It’s not just in the sales element but also in the telemarketing team. The telemarketing team is where the ball starts rolling and having that technical knowledge from the start is fantastic.

Where did Mtech come from?

We started out selling Samsung telephone systems, it was a natural choice to go to as it was what I knew. We could see that Samsung were pulling out of the market, so we looked at other brands and Ericsson-LG felt like it was a good solid choice. They were a brand we were happy to align ourselves with and I knew other partners that had succeeded with them.

What has Mtech’s growth been like over the past 5 years?

We have always managed double digit growth, but the last two years, we’ve seen a growth of 28% last year and we’re around 32% this year.

The last two years have been incredible and if we hadn’t had the ups and downs of the pandemic we would have been even further along. But, considering that we may not have made it through that time, the growth we have achieve is phenomenal.

What is your favourite handset?

My favourite handset is the 1080 because of its appearance. I like the larger screen and the fact that it has buttons still. Customers still want a phone that has buttons, and this is a great choice.

What is your favourite feature or product?

100% iPECS ONE. People understand it immediately no matter their background or sector. It’s easy to sell.

What do your team use?

Our team use iPECS ONE. On their desks is just a PC screen and a headset, a completely minimalist look and I like that.

What are the benefits of anywhere?

The benefits of ANYWHERE for iPECS is that it has plugged in that missing link to reporting. I get reports on a daily and weekly basis of what’s going on across the phones. You might not look at them every day but if there’s a bad day, you’re able to go straight to a report, look with your own eyes and digest the information.

When you have a field-based team, reporting gives you that full visibility of users regardless of where they are.

Final thoughts

It was great to sit down and talk about partnership with Martin, and it’s fantastic to know how much he and his team value’s Pragma’s support.

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