At Pragma, strong partnerships are at our core and we’re proud to have worked with some of our customers and suppliers for many years, some from the very beginning. Clear Business Finance is one of those, and we wanted to share why our partnership has lasted for so long and how Clear Business Finance support our channel partners.

Clear Business Finance

Clear Business Finance have a long-standing history and relationship with Ericsson-LG (20 years), so they truly understand the products and services we provide.

We thought it was high time to explain our relationship and the benefits it offers our partners.

What support do Clear Business Finance provide?

With over 60 funders, Clear Business Finance sources finance solutions for all businesses.

From different forms of leasing to invoice discounting, they offer all kinds of products under one umbrella. Whether resellers are looking for a cash flow boost to merger and acquisition finance, Clear Business can facilitate this.

It can often be the case that start-ups don’t have access to the cash they need for new technology. Clear Business Finance are able to assist with the right support to ensure they get the technology to drive their business forward. All through one lease document, universally accepted by all financers, Clear Business Finance provide a simple, straightforward process for everyone involved.

Not just finance

Clear Business Finance add far more value to resellers than just financing options. A large part of their role is dedicated to changing thinking behind buying and selling habits. To change buying habits, we need to change selling habits which is why they provide sales training, teaching resellers how to sell their products with finance.

Training covers everything, from how to quote, types of questions to ask, how to complete the documentation and how to facilitate the finance. By teaching resellers to be proactive with finance, they help them make more sales.

An example of one of Clear Business Finance’s successful partnerships is with leading telecom service provider, One Connectivity. Their Managing Director, Paul Stevenson commented on the success of their partnership and support they received from Clear Business Finance:

“I’ve worked with Steve Dexter and the team at Clear Business Finance for getting on nearly eight years now. Over these years our relationship has gone from strength to strength. The support and personal approach we get from Steve and the team is nothing short of exceptional. They understand our needs and we understand theirs, which is why our two teams get on so well in true partnership.”

Adding value for partners and resellers

From great rates, sales training and a one-stop service, to quick turnarounds (some in a matter of hours), Clear Business Finance help resellers to increase their margins, improve cash flow and protect their bases.

We asked Steve Dexter, Director of Clear Business Finance, for a comment. He said: “We know that you only have a good relationship with people you trust which is why we go above and beyond to offer more than just finance. Changing habits is a difficult thing to do, but we’ve seen through our sales training programme how moving from cash to finance changes a business, and it’s so rewarding to see this.”

Pragma and Clear Business Finance

We’re proud of our partnership with Clear Business Finance. Our long-standing history and strong trust means we can rely on Clear Business Finance to deliver what our resellers need to be successful, and this is something we have seen time and again over years of partnership.

What’s special about Clear Business Finance is they put the reseller first and work with them the way the reseller wants. They also recognise the opportunity to reward loyalty through their loyalty programme and celebrate sales through their incentive trips.

Oue Chief Executive, Will Morey shared his experience on the partnership,

“Clear Business Finance are experts at what they do, and their proactive approach to helping change the buying and selling habits for resellers and their customers in the channel is fantastic. Our relationship is special, not just because of its longevity and the support they provide our partners to grow their businesses, but also the support they have given Pragma. Sponsoring all of the Pragma incentive trips over the years, they have contributed to making our trips once in a lifetime experiences, including our most recent trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.”

True partnership is something to celebrate and we look forward to Pragma and Clear Business Finance continuing our successful relationship in the future.

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