Don't even think about spending your anniversary in Salem, Massachusetts: According to a recent Elite Daily article on "insane" U.S. marriage laws, the city famous for its witchcraft trials has an edict against married couples sleeping nude in a "rented bedroom."

It's likely one of those ridiculous laws from days of yore that isn't enforced — plus, as ED asks, how would one police sleeping in the buff anyway? — but it's still weird enough to make you wonder how it landed on the books in the first place.

According to the article, other bizarre rules in this great land of ours prohibit promising marriage on the pretense of getting someone into bed in South Carolina, and being mean to your mother-in-law, which is fair grounds for divorce in Wichita, Kansas.

Behaviors that are, somewhat strangely, spelled out as perfectly fine in the eyes of the law include marrying your first cousin in Utah — granted you're both over the age of 55 and infertile — and designating a substitute stand-in for your own wedding in Montana.

It's unclear whether Salem has a regulation against unmarried couples sleeping naked in the same bed, but either way, you should probably pack pajamas if you're planning an overnight there.

(h/t Elite Daily)

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