Our cloud-based contact centre software helps businesses provide better customer care, sell more and improve operations.  CONTACT for iPECS Cloud provides all of your communication with customers in one application.

Transform your customers’ journey into an extraordinary experience

Positive customer experience is key to business success.  CONTACT for iPECS Cloud helps your customers create effective connections with their customers to ensure their experience is always positive.

A true OMNI-Channel Contact Centre solution to accommodate the needs of your customers. The modular design of CONTACT allows you to match the right features to the right user to provide exceptional customer experience.

What is OMNI-Channel?

Managing customer interactions across all media channels within a single platform is described as Omni-Channel and is the most effective way of managing customer contact. This compares with the older style of customer management where all the different communication media are in silos with no central reporting platform, these are known as Multi-Channel platforms.

Effective Communication

It is more important than ever for businesses to communicate effectively with their customers. This includes listening to their feedback, being genuine, providing reassurance and having all of their information ready to hand in order to provide the quickest response.

To encourage this communication, it is important to provide the option for them to communicate in any way they want.

By making it easier for customers to communicate on their terms for any sales, billing or customer services queries, the chance to acquire and retain customers and ultimately ensure the success of business is greatly increased.

Enabling Technology

Giving customers choice and allowing them to communicate through their own preferred method of communication only works if the systems are in place to support this communication.  Without the right technology in place, they risk being left behind.

CONTACT for iPECS Cloud Highlights:

  • Modular design allows you to provide the right features for each user which ultimately leads to exceptional customer experience
  • Integration for all types of media allows the customers to choose how they want to communicate:
    • Voice – inbound calls can be managed in queues with skill levels applied to get the call to the best person to help them
    • Social Media – integration with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business
    • SMS – blend text messages from customers into your queues
    • Web Chat – allow customers to contact you directly from your website with the ability to escalate to a video call to accelerate the resolution outcome
  • Analytics and Real-Time Dashboards – full cradle-to-grave reporting on all communication with the customer can be accessed through the easy-to-use web portal.  Access to live statistics to manage the queues and maximise the customer experience.

Quick Resolution

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding and want their transactions to be brief but effective. Ideally, they want their supplier to have all of their background information to hand as their call is answered so that their interaction is both effective and timely.

Benefits of the Cloud

As customer demand and technology both continue to develop, more and more companies are choosing a cloud based solution to future proof their business.

The ability to be flexible when deploying solutions and to upgrade as required is a key benefit of any cloud-based solution. iPECS Cloud and CONTACT allow a solution to be designed around the needs of your customers and only charge for what they use.

Get in touch with us to learn more about CONTACT for iPECS Cloud and how it can create new revenue streams for you.

Download the CONTACT for iPECS Cloud Customer Overview

What is CONTACT for iPECS Cloud?

A true omni-channel contact centre solution that is fully integrated to iPECS Cloud.

Why Would It Suit My Business?

CONTACT for iPECS Cloud has a modular design that allows you to provide the right features for each user.  It blends calls with all other types of media such as social, email, SMS and web chat so that the agents can maximise the time they spend with each customer.

What Benefits Will It Deliver?

iPECS Cloud along with CONTACT provide a cost-effective solution to your customers needs through one easy to use application.

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