By Alex Green. Interview with Faye Thomas.

Looking back to when you were a kid yourself, was your perception of your parent’s jobs any different to what they actually did? I remember throughout my entire childhood thinking that my Dad worked in advertising, and because of it, I wanted to work in marketing. Well, it turns out that he actually worked in the media industry and in Business Development – shows how much I actually listened to him when he spoke about his job! Fast forward 20 years, and I am still pursuing a career in marketing and absolutely loving it.

As we mentioned in our last article, 33% of our executive team are women, 50% of our management team are women and 36% of our overall team are women. For this piece Faye has been talking to her daughter about her job and what her daughter inspires to be as she gets older:

Faye: What is my job called? Holly: Accountant

Faye: What do I do when I’m at work? Holly: Wages, organise other stuff, interview

Faye: What is your ultimate dream job? Holly: Barrister or Actor

Faye: Do you have a hero and why are they your hero? Holly: Lazer Crowford, he’s really good at skateboarding

Faye: Do you have a role model? Holly: No

Faye: Do you consider yourself a leader? Holly: Yes

Faye: What characteristics make a good leader? Holly: Nice but still bossy, take control, listen well and pay people good money

Faye: What makes a good friend? Holly: Someone you can mess around with and a good listener

Faye: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Holly: Smart, funny and understanding

Faye: What are you most proud of? Holly: I’m really proud of my results from my last twirling competition, getting into the top set at school, and learning how to fly out at the skatepark on my scooter

Faye: What do you want people to know about you? Holly: I have a dog called Wilson, I have blond curly hair, and I like to do tricks on my skateboard and scooter

Stay tuned to hear more articles just like this as we publish more parent-daughter/son interviews from the people of Pragma.